Power Cogs can only shock one unit each, after which they serve as pathing blockers only. This is very subtly indicated in-game currently: the cogs lose the particle effects upon shocking. However, this effect is way too subtle (see video below), except on 2 custom power cogs, which kind of makes them a bit pay2lose.

Suggestion: Give the cogs a power down animation, which they use after shocking an enemy.

Here are some possible animations for all existing cogs (on top of the particles disappearing):

1. Default cogs: The orb stops hovering and rests within the cog
2. Battletrap Battle Cog: The octahedron stops hovering and rests in the cog
3. Clock Master's Power Cogs: The cog stops spinnig and lowers itself a bit
4. Cog of the Keen Commander: The propeller stops spinning and lowers itself into the cog
5. Telebolt Projector: The ring stops spinning and the coil stops bouncing
6. Cog of the Mechanised Pilgrim: The plates retract back and the top stops wobbling
7. Mines of the Pressure Regulator: The mine gets pulled back into the cog and the dome half-closes back over it
8. Warcog Electro Zapper: The plates cover up the blue part again, and the cog stops wobbling