Currently, Hookshot silences and disarms Clockwerk when it latches on an enemy, until reaching the enemy or until the pull gets canceled.

This is quite uninituitive for multiple reasons:

1. It prevents you from queuing your spells during the pull. If you press Power Cogs too early, it will not get cast at all.
2. Items can be used during the pull, which in my opinion is more of a disadvantage than an advantage. Most of Clockwerk's default items are useless during the pull, and want to be used after the pull instead.
* Blade Mail: No point in using it during the pull, it basically wastes some of its duration during the pull
* Force Staff: Using it during the pull will cancel Hookshot, so it's generally bad
* Dust of Appearance: Using during the pull may waste it due to the intended target being out of range
* Blink Dagger: Using it during the pull will cancel Hookshot, just like Force Staff
* Single-target disabling items: The target is stunned anyway, so it would make no difference for these.

These are the most common items with active abilities on Clock, and all have a disadvantage when used during the pull. If Hookshot would stun Clock, instead of silencing and disarming him, ordering item casts would queue the order, so that Clock uses it after reaching the target.

As a comparison, let's take Magnus' Skewer. During Skewer, Magnus is fully disabled (stunned). This means any order given during the Skewer will be executed as soon as Skewer ends. So you can order him to cast Reverse Polarity during Skewer, and he will use it immediately after Skewer ends. Same for items, you can do a blind Skewer and give Dust order during it, and he'll use it instantly after the Skewer. In Clockwerk's case, you cannot give him spell cast orders during the pull, so you have to time it manually after the hook, so the higher your ping is, the longer it will take to deploy Power Cogs after the hook, since you have to give the order after the hook. As for items, when hooking an invisible unit, you again have to wait for the hook to finish pulling Clockwerk, or else you may risk wasting the dust.

Other spells which move the caster: Time Walk, Enchant Totem, Tree Dance, Primal Spring, Swashbuckle, Shield Crash and Blast Off. All of these fully disable the caster. Hookshot is the only one which does this semi-disabling with silence.

Hookshot should fully disable Clock during the pull as well, instead of silencing him, so that actions can be queued properly.