Multiple problems on the vision of Hookshot:

1. The vision is applied randomly along the path the hook travels. As of now, it's pretty much pointless, because it's very unreliable due to the randomness and small radius. Only at max distance it reliably grants vision.
2. The hook grants vision at the center of the map, at random intervals.
3. When the hook latches on a unit, it grants vision behind the caster.

It would make more sense to just remove the vision along the path, and make it only grant vision upon reaching max distance, at the tip of the hook like how it does currently. The vision while traveling to the target point is pretty much useless, since if it meets an enemy, it will latch on it anyway. The vision is way too small to be ever relevant. As of now, its only use is the random vision it grants over the center of the map, and the bugged vision it grants behind the caster when it latches.