Clockwerk has many lines towards Tinker and Sniper. But some of those lines are currently hooked up as rare move and rare attack orders.

These are the responses currently hooked up with MoveIsEnemySniperChance_10% and MoveIsEnemyTinkerChance_10% respectively

And these are hooked up as AttackIsEnemySniperChance_15% and AttackIsEnemyTinkerChance_15%

And these are unused:

There are multiple reasons why this is not good:

  1. Unlike other rivalry/allied responses, only the player hears it, enemies/allies do not.
  2. The allied responses are positive, so if you give Clock a move (follow) order on an enemy, he still uses the positive lines, which do not fit, since the target is an enemy.
  3. Vice versa, if you give him an attack order on an ally, he uses the negative lines, which do not fit again, since the target is an ally.

Here are suggestions for alternative uses for these lines, so that they see more use and are heard by more than just the player:

Meeting an ally

"AllyNearIsAllySniperEarlyMidGame" for meeting allied Sniper:

"AllyNearIsAllyTinkerEarlyMidGame" for meeting allied Tinker:

"AllyNearIsAllyShredderEarlyMidGame" for meeting allied Timbersaw:

Meeting an enemy

"EnemyNearIsEnemySniperEarlyMidGame" for meeting enemy Sniper:

"EnemyNearIsEnemyTinkerEarlyMidGame" for meeting enemy Tinker:

"EnemyNearIsEnemyPudgeEarlyMidGame" for meeting enemy Pudge:

Hitting with Hookshot

"CustomIsRattletrapHookshotReachedTargetIsEnemySni perChance_15%" for hitting Sniper:

"CustomIsRattletrapHookshotReachedTargetIsEnemyTin kerChance_15%" for hitting Tinker (response rule already exists):

Kill responses

KillIsEnemySniperChance_10%, KillIsEnemyTinkerChance_10%, KillIsEnemyGyrocopterChance_10%, KillIsEnemyTechiesChance_10%, KillIsEnemyShredderChance_10%, KillIsEnemyAlchemistChance_10% for killing any of the keens:

The video shows the issues with the current hookups