This is a request I hope devs will see. I know the fact - DAC 2015 compendium was disabled since 1 dec 2017. But there are some other facts to consider:

1) There was no any kind of warning before disabling.
2) There is still no any kind of expiration notes on point packs and they can still be sold on market. Currently if someone buys them - it's just a waste of money.
3) Although Compendium itself wasn't working since long ago you could still use those point packs until recently and get chests.

So here is a request: please re-enable usage of point packs for people who have DAC 2015 Compendium already activated on their accounts so they can get drop!

I ask this on behalf of my friend who had a compedium and 7x2400 points stored in inventory. He was away for some time and now items worth over 100$ turned to nothing. He is in desperation and too frustrated at the moment to make any proper request here, so I've decided to try to help. Although his compendium is expired I can take those point packs and get those drop chests for him - I have DAC 2015 on my account. Please! I hope you value yout Dota 2 community at least this much.