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Thread: Resetting game time and ResetToHeroSelection()

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    Resetting game time and ResetToHeroSelection()

    I'm trying to reset the game to 0:00 so that dota_spawn_creeps always spawns the default number of creeps. I tried using GameRules:ResetToHeroSelection() but that command seems to be broken - after pick phase, no hero is spawned. Is there any other way of changing in-game timer? Or am I just using ResetToHeroSelection() incorrectly? Any help is appreciated.

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    ResetToHeroSelection() seems like a command from the modding side of things, we cant use those commands with bot scripting.

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    Sorry I didn't make this clear early. I'm making a custom game (for simulation purposes) in which I'd like to reset game time, where I can reliably spawn the same 0:00 creeps repeatedly. So I am using the modding commands

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    This is a forum for bot scripting, not game types. Post your question here or here
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