Currently, Freezing Field simply spams its slow debuff in 0.1 second intervals on everyone within the slow radius.

Since the slow is centerd on CM and independent from the icy explosions, it would make more sense to use an aura here instead. It would effectively make no difference but make it look cleaner.

Differences this change would make

1. Status debuff no longer constantly flashes due to periodic refreshing of the modifier
2. It can no longer be dispelled (dispelling it currently is pointless anyway, since it gets re-applied very quickly)
3. Status resistance would reduce slow value, instead of slow duration (duration reduction is pointless for the same reason as above)
4. Slow applies instantly on each server tick, instead of every 0.1 seconds.

Everything else would stay the exact same

Or alternatively, make the icy explosions apply the slow instead, would make more sense logic-wise. But this would be quite the nerf for the ability.