Crystal Maiden's arcana has animations for 4 different states: default, low hp (injured), enemy nearby (agg), low hp + enemy nearby (agg_injured).

The animations for low hp are not set up properly. Currently, she uses her injured and agg_injured animations when on low hp, regardless of nearby enemies. So when on low hp, she constantly switches between the 2 idle animations, and when moving, she randomly uses one of the 2 animations. When an enem gets close, she does switch to the aggressive animations, but after that, she continues constantly switching, even when still close to an enemy.

This goes for the arcana's default animations, and the White Sentry/Sentryward arcana animations.

These are all her idle and run animations

arcana_idle // wardstaff_arcana_idle
arcana_agg_idle // wardstaff_arcana_agg_idle
arcana_idle_injured // wardstaff_arcana_idle_injured
arcana_agg_idle_injured // wardstaff_arcana_agg_idle_injured

run_arcana // wardstaff_run_arcana
arcana_agg_run // wardstaff_arcana_agg_run
arcana_run_injured // wardstaff_arcana_run_injured
arcana_agg_run_injured // wardstaff_arcana_agg_run_injured

The last row of both should only be used when on low health and close to an enemy, and not interchangably with low health while not near an enemy.