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Thread: To the trend to replace recipes ingame

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    Lightbulb To the trend to replace recipes ingame

    If you look at the bonus what radiance recipe adds to the item:
    +5 dmg and 17% evasion for 1350 gold
    seems obvious to me you could replace it with a talisman of evasion raise the cost by 100 gold and you get an even 20% evasion only 3% more but good value for the gold you paid.

    Now we look at drums:
    You get 3 int and 0.25 mana regen from the recipe(ignoring the active)
    You could easily replace the recipe and the sage's mask with a void stone remove the 3 int and add 0.25 more mana regen.

    Just 2 ideas and btw before you say anything stupid there is a general trend to replace recipes and those 2 suggestions seems very obvious to me.
    Most likely this will happen anyways sooner or later just maybe a bit different.

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    If you would increase the cost of circlet by 165 gold and add +1 to all stats you would not have to buy a recipe for bracer null talisman and wraith band anymore. Urn of shadows would get +3 to all stats but you could replace the recipe cost(now reduced to 145 gold to a second raindrop so you have to pay 80 gold more but you get +1 more to all stats no recipe to buy and the bonus 0.5 mana regen from the urn is now inside the second raindrop).

    The aeon disk could be replaced with ogre axe staff of wizardry and a ghost sceptre. Ghost sceptre builds anyways only into 1 item you would increase the cost by 150 gold but you would get a bit better stats.
    You get +15 strength which is 10% hp regen +15 dmg and 50 more hp, the +15 int is 180 mana but +15 dmg and 2.25% magic resistance for int heroes and you get +5 agility which gives you almost 1 armor and 5 attackspeed. You would buff the aeon disk but I think thats fine since it is very much a niche pick atm.

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    The recipe for aether lens could be replaced with a robe of the magi and instead of 200 bonus mana and 0.25 mana regen 150 less gold and you get 6 int as bonus instead which is 6 dmg 12% mana regen 1% magic resistance and 72 mana. A little bit weaker than the old aether lens but 150 gold cheaper and no recipe.

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    The recipe for shivas could be replaced with a chainmail the cost would be reduced by 100 gold only so you simply remove 2 int from the bonus the item provides overall and you are good to go.
    Btw the recipe of shivas provides(ignoring the passive and the aura): +5 int and +5 armor so you replaced the recipe with a chainmail and you get +3 int and +5 armor and the active and the aura.

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