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    Anything new...

    ...happening ever again?
    have valve abandoned bot scripting?
    will we ever get any more API updates?

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    It sure seems like they have.

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    Who knows? I think they were hoping bot scripting would burst out of the gate, which didn't happen.

    I think they made it too complex for most people that wanted to use custom bots. In the pre-Reborn days, you just extracted the hero file, put it in a folder, and made some easy adjustments to the item and ability orders.
    Needless to say, Lua and scripting is vastly more complicated than that.

    I could trial on more but it really boils down to Bots not being the big save Dota needed and the game is loosing more casual players to the Battle Royale genre that's kicking into high gear.
    Valve probably just don't see much value in bots anymore. Which I can't blame them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Cornbane View Post
    I think they made it too complex for most people that wanted to use custom bots.
    Hardly. Most bots ae based off native bots with just some stuff thrown in (while I admit Ranked MM is the most advanced, that's mostly it).

    I think they were hoping for some rewrites, but only nostra's managed to pull through. Then ML crept in, but it's just a proof-of-concept.
    Bottom line is, with so many game changes in such a short time and so many non-supported features and so many dynamic requests to prevent code breaking because of patches being ignored, I think most just gave up.

    I am sure aveyo is right and Chris is just reassigned. With new priorities being pushed through I don't think he'll have the time to do anything for bots. And even if he will, it might be broken in the next patch.

    Bottom line: I think we need a stable patch that doesn't change important rules every 2-3 weeks.
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    thats fair enough, but it seemed to us that out of the multi million dollar company, they had one employee working on the bots, its not a huge amount to spend considering its one of the only games they develop these days.

    almost seems like a case of yet another company just wanting to pinch every penny no matter what. happens far too much these days, "we should make a huge profit, but have no costs doing so".

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    The "bot guy" is simply relocated to another project in good old fashion Valve style - because he's the only specialist in the field employed. He'll be back.
    You can't open all the engine stuff up without making sure it won't compromise security - considering dota is still such a competitive -alive- game.
    Mean time, progress is slow but steady on the ML side, and classical scripts are still getting updated and more importantly - pinned against each other.

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    I scoured the Seattle area obituaries for Chris's last name and didn't find any, so either he left Valve or got re-assigned (temporarily or not). It's funny though as Gaben is throwing money at OpenAI Dota work yet open-source support is currently not existent.

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