There is a small cliff at right side of the ramp which leads from the river to Dire's forest, behind Roshan. The cliff has 2 trees on it and a T-shaped construction on it, which make it unpathable. But when destroying the trees, units can stand there and wards can be placed there.

This means that cliff can be abused by spells like Vacuum and Telekinesis to get enemies stuck on. Furthermore, it is a good hidden ward spot, since it is on a cliff and provides vision over the 2 enemy camps, their entire shrine area and even reach towards the bounty rune, making this spot a very effective ward spot.

There is no such spot on Radiant's side, so this is a clear radiant advantage here. That cliff should be smaller. The 2 trees on it should be one level lower, and the cliff should only have room for the T-shaped construction on it, just like how the cliff to the left side of that ramp is.