Spells not reflected by Spell Reflection

1. Ion Shell
2. Spell Steal
3. Morph
4. Urn of Shadows
5. Spirit Vessel
6. Medallion of Courage
7. Solar Crest

From these 7, 2 make sense for technical reasons. Spell Steal and Morph would break everything, so they must be excluded. But the other 5 have no reason to be ignored by Lotus Orb.

The only reason for why they are ignored by spell reflection now is, because as theat mechanic was created, Spell Block's list was copied. Spell Block ignores Medalion and Urn (and their upgrades), because they would be very strong item counters against spell block, making Linken's Sphere too easy to counter for every hero.

But Spell Reflection doesn't have that issue. It can't be wasted like how Linken's Sphere can, since Lotus Orb reflects every spell while it is active on the target.

Spell Reflection should not exclude Ion Shell, Urn of Shadows, Spirit Vessel, Medallion of Courage and Solar Crest. It has no real reason to exclude them.