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Thread: Double-tapping AoE Surge/Shadow Word/Shallow Grave targets behind caster while moving

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    Double-tapping AoE Surge/Shadow Word/Shallow Grave targets behind caster while moving

    Edit: This also affects Treant Protector's Living Armor

    When turning Surge, Shadow Word or Shallow Grave into an AoE ability, double-clicking on them centers the AoE on self. But the way this is done is, it basically targets the caster's location as if the portrait was selected with the courser.

    This means, when done while moving, the caster will have to turn around to cast it, since by the time the caster gets the order, they will have walked a bit already, so that the targeted point is now behind them, forcing them to turn around and cast it. This makes the cast take significantly longer, and even basically impossible to use when affected by Sticky Napalm or Stone Gaze, which slow your turn rate.

    Instead of targeting the ground like that, double-tapping should work differently. It should not target any point, but instead act like a non-targeted spell when double-tapping. It should select all valid units around the caster and apply the buff that way.

    And please, do not "fix" this by making it target in front of the caster. This doesn't work well with server delay and high movement speed, or when getting pushed by other spells while double-tapping it. The caster will still have to turn in these scenarios, even if you make double-tap target like 100 range infront of you (this is currently an issue Earth Spirit has with his remnants).

    Current behavior: Double-tap targets caster's location as if portrait was clicked, resulting in the caster turning around to cast it when double-tapped while moving.

    Expected behavior: Double-tap does not target any location. Instead, it behaves like a non-targeted ability (e.g. Hoof Stomp), applying to units around the caster.

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