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Thread: Completed DotaPlus challenges and quests not updating

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    Angry Completed DotaPlus challenges and quests not updating

    Won three games today, and completed a hero specific quest in a match (and won) and neither of the rewards (shards, or whatever they are) have updated or shown up.

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    UPDATE: Option to claim 1,000 shards is there, but clicking on the button doesn't actually do anything. And the "Earn the Weekly Victory Reward" challenge on the right of the home screen doesn't show the updated quest being complete.

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    Angry FIX: "Earn the weekly victory reward" and "Claim your 1000 shards" no reward!

    This is for many people. The story with the summer Compendium will continue, these bugs will not correct. It's time to get used to it.
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