Will it be possible to transform inscribed gems into relics? I have dozens of gems with many on high counts (2000+ kills and stuff like this).
Also it feels a bit greedy if you expect people like me to pay shards for the counters we already own. I must know if I should save the shards and wait for an update allowing to transform the inscribed gems.
Starting over with the relics like kill counts also sucks..
I mean i spent alot of money for all the inscribed gems and now they gonna be useless???
I have some suggestions to handle a few problems that can occur on a approaching the implementation:

- Allow to extract gems for free (no hammer needed); the extracted gems will be untradable
- Give gems an option to be added(consumed) to a matching hero having the gem-specific relic
- If the relic was already bought from shards, update the count (relic state + gem state) and return the shards (relic cost)
- If the relic does not exist on the target hero, simply add it to the hero and update the counter

I know you dota devs do not answer often here... I really need to know if something like this will be possible, so I don't have to "waste" my shards on my favourite heroes which already have plenty of gems.
I would be really upset, if I spent all the money on incribed gems for nothing now.
Please answer