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Thread: [Idea/Request] Tutorial Replays

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    Basic Member acdervis's Avatar
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    Sep 2011
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    Lightbulb [Idea/Request] Tutorial Replays

    After reading the replay/watch post on the blog, I was struck by this idea. Any criticism is welcome.

    Many games, including Dota have user created tutorials. Usually in the form of text and screenshots, sometimes as videos. Moving some of these into the game would make it much easier for new players to find tutorials and understand the game. I am aware that Valve is planning to add tutorial tools, but I never heard that it was going to be tied to the replay system.

    What's This?
    It would be a set of tools within the replay viewing system for creating tutorials, based on that particular game. IE: An experienced player could make a tutorial replay about how to play Tiny based on one of his previous matches for newcomers and not-so-experienced players.

    A few sample ideas;
    • A simple minimap ping, preferably with a seperate texture.
    • Camera control. Guide the camera as you see fit, with the intention of showing an important or interesting moment, at a particular location or angle. Similar to developer commentary nodes in TF2 where you lose control of the camera.
    • Text. Visible either in the chatbox or at a preferred location on the map. IE: Ping bottom ward, and then show text near the ping.
    • Speed control. Including pause, slow-motion and high speed. To layout crucial moments in combat etc.
    • Skips and jumps. Skip to a particular moment in the match to avoid boring the viewer with unimportant stuff.
    • Tag an area. Show an area to the viewer.
    • Voice recording. For that extra emotion! =P

    How Would It Work?
    After the player downloads the replay, he opens it up and starts adding scenes, pings and messages with the available tools via the in-game demo viewer present in many Source games. After he's done, he saves his changes and the new file gets uploaded to the cloud/replay server. The added info can be either stored in a separate file or simply written into the replay file itself. I can't say much about the technical part.

    A filter or new tab would be available for these replays under the watch tab. The inexperienced player can launch the tutorial as if it wew a regular replay file. Also the replay UI would need to have a "tutorial" checkbox so the match can be viewed without the alterations.

    Note: This would also enable(if voice recording is added) post-game casting which is sometimes done for Starcraft 2.

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    Basic Member eNTe_eXe's Avatar
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    Oct 2011
    This sounds like a good suggestion but this will use craptons of ressources.
    So if I understood this correctly, there will be many different files for only 1 replay. (Imagine a tournament final with 5000 different versions!)
    Finding the actual replay you want to find will be a huge pain, as well as saving all these replays for a longer period time seems almost impossible.

    I don't think this is really necessary (although it does sound neat!), since you can do the same by downloading the replay and making a youtube video out of it.
    I highly doubt this will get implemented.

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    Basic Member Tsunami Nori's Avatar
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    Sep 2011
    well, I think that's good. but not now 'cause of many things need to be improve ...

    So I think that we need an tutorial mission for newbie, that include some basis moves ...
    sorry for my bad English ...

    From Vietnam with Love - Lagest DOTA 2 Community in Vietnam: DotA-2.Vn

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    Basic Member acdervis's Avatar
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    Sep 2011
    Istanbul, Turkey
    Quote Originally Posted by eNTe_eXe View Post
    (Imagine a tournament final with 5000 different versions!)
    Perhaps a only players that were in the game can create the tutorial? That seems fair enough IMO.

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