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Thread: Ban 6 Months, not for That!

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    Exclamation Ban 6 Months, not for That!

    I got a shock, I was given a 6 month ban, for nothing.
    I was not given up specially to the enemy.
    He did not insult his and the enemy team.
    -not table AFK

    - I always ran with the team, helped, politely talked.
    And there were also many moments when opponents wrote to me in the chat that they would throw me a complaint, because I played well on the hero.

    I just can not understand why people are banned for nothing?
    And how can you solve this problem? Technical support only and writes that please contact the developers. Question: how do I write it !?

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    not "for nothing". it's based on your report history. you've been massively reported before, it's not just based on 1 game.

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