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Thread: [Dark Willow] Tree Toss, Swashbuckle & Boundless Strike dont work vs Shadow Realm

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    [Dark Willow] Tree Toss, Swashbuckle & Boundless Strike dont work vs Shadow Realm

    Shadow Realm is supposed to make Dark Willow get treated as if she is invisible.
    Tree Toss, Swashbuckle and Boundless Strike ignore invisibility. But they currently do not work against units in the Shadow Realm.

    1. Cast Shadow Realm
    2. Get hit by Tree Toss, Swashbuckle, and/or Boundless Strike

    Tree Toss: If the primary target is in Shadow Realm, the spell gets completely negated. Not even the AoE damage is applied, because the instant-attack is never applied, and the AoE damage relies on it.

    Boundless Strike: It stuns units in Shadow Realm, but doesn't apply the instant-attack.

    Swashbuckle: Sounds play as if units in Shadow Realm are hit, but the instant-attacks are not applied.

    Expected: The instant attacks of all 3 should work.

    Note: Other instant-attacks work normally, treating her invisible. Marksmanship, Flak Cannon, Side Gunner, Split Shot, Serpent Wards and Tricks of the Trade ignore her, Sleight of Fist ignores her on initial cast, and skips her if she was marked already, Tether, Waveform, Geminate Attack, Dream Coil and Assassinate do launch attacks, but don't hit her. They all behave the same vs invis units, so they are consistent here. Only Tree Toss, Swashbuckle and Boundless Strike treat her differently.

    Please, just call me buny.

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    Furthermore, Tiny's new Agha toss can be evaded by Shadow Realm too.

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