OSX user (10.13.3 High Sierra with mbpr early2015). If pick Sven, in mid-game, game crashes for sure, and system reports stack overflow. assumably triggered by cleave or other skills.
After the first crash, re-opening the game won't solve the problem. Continues crash will happen 30s~1min triggered by similar reason.
The crashes will happen so often that a single Sven game could crash over 11 times.

I triggered the same stack overflow problem with Life-stealer also, but only one time, after re-connecting everything went on smoothly. However for Sven, in my circumstance the bug triggers for sure (I tried several Sven game and every single game crashed, whereas gameplay with a various of other hero appears to be normal), and cannot be resolved.

Mail me if any further information is needed. Hope this can be fixed asap.