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Thread: PATCH Suggestion: Aghanim Upgrades and Talent Trees

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    Sven: Aghs:

    +1 Strength for each instance of damage received while Godstrength is active.


    +1 Strength for each 1% of missing HP
    Strength bonus is lost for each 1% HP regained


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    This falls under the word "Fantasy"

    Regarding the team composition, I'm thinking about moving the Captain position as the 6th player.

    The Captain:

    -does not control any hero
    -can see the map with his team's vision
    -can issue commands to each of the 5 players who control a hero

    I personally believe it's easier if the Captain is free to view the battlefield without the added task/stress of controlling a hero for himself, because it frees more processing power for the Captain's mind.
    A trick for the Captain, I suppose, is knowing when to give specific instructions to each individual player in the team, and knowing when to let each individual player act of their own accord.

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