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Thread: PATCH Suggestion: Aghanim Upgrades and Talent Trees

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    PATCH Suggestion: Aghanim Upgrades and Talent Trees

    Abaddon: Aghs: +1 damage for each 1% missing health

    Spectre: Aghs: Haunt: 2 Illusions will spawn for each enemy hero, and illusions are granted Dispersion

    Sven: Aghs: When God's Strength is active: Cleave is at 100%, Stormbolt deals +50% current damage values, Warcry buff duration +7 seconds when cast

    Phoenix: Aghs: Passively charges 1 fire spirit every 10 seconds, Sun Ray becomes a toggle skill with mana cost per second

    Treant Protector: Talent: unobstructed pathing through trees

    Storm Spirit: Aghs: +1 mana regen for each 1% missing mana

    Templar Assassin: Aghs: Instantly teleports to an activated Psionic Trap

    Ancient Apparition: Chilling Touch: add damage reduction mechanic with same values as damage bonus, with shared (not discrete) instances

    Jakiro: Aghs: Macropyre grants same amount of healing per second for Jakiro if he is within it's aoe

    Slardar: Aghs: Sprint becomes a passive skill, Corrosive Haze grants vision of the target with a 500 radius

    Naga Siren: Aghs: Song of the Siren: All affected units move towards Naga at a speed of 350

    Undying: Aghs: When Flesh Golem is active, zombies will spawn from Undying at same rate as Tombstone

    Broodmother: Aghs: Insatiable Hunger is active whenever she is inside a web.

    Oracle: Aghs: False Promise gains 1 charge every time it reaches current level of cooldown, maximum 4 charges.

    Witch Doctor: Aghs or Talent: Voodoo Restoration restores mana as well.

    Dark Seer: Aghs: Surge becomes a toggle AoE aura ability with mana cost per second.

    Lycanthrope: Aghs: any unit killed by Lycanthrope while Shapeshift is active becomes a summoned wolf.

    Lycanthrope: Talent: Permanent Shapeshift form.

    BONUS: Instead of destroying enemy shrines, simply convert them into an allied portal to your fountain.
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