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Thread: [Pudge] Some things with the Arcana responses

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    [Pudge] Some things with the Arcana responses

    Issues with Puge's gib responses:

    Existing gibs are: default, ethereal, goo, motor, ice, fire, electric, wood, stone

    Pudge has response rules for: default, ethereal, ice, goo, fire, stone, water, wood, electric, bone, undead

    water, bone and undead gibs do not exist. Morphling uses goo, undying uses goo, lifestealer uses default, pudge uses default. Bone is the only one that should exist (because Clinkz and Pugna)

    He is missing responses for motor gibs


    CustomIsPudgeChainHookCatchHeroIsEnemyRubick% seems to not work. I tried many hooks, and not a single time did he use the responses for hooking an enemy Rubick.


    CustomIsPudgeChainIsDismemberIsEnemyRubick doesn't work. It's missing CastExecute in the rule. The response rule currently has nothing to trigger on. All other rival-dismembers work.


    pud_arc_item_10 has Pudge say "Scythe of Vyse", but it's currently hooked up to Shiva's Guard instead.


    pud_arc_rival_11 is currently hooked up as a rivaly line against Beastmaster. The line says "I found just what you were looking for." Is this intended for Beastmaster? I didn't know beastmaster is on the search for something.


    Is Pugna really not a skeleton? He looks like a skeleton, but Pudge's rivalry responses towards him suggest he has flesh on him.
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