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Thread: Purchased Pudge Arcana, Did not Receive

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    Exclamation Purchased Pudge Arcana, Did not Receive


    So I purchased the Pudge Arcana. Originally, my hero had it equipped. You can see it in my purchase history through valve. But upon logging in today, it showed that pudge had it "equipped" but it is no longer in my inventory. After I changed the equipped item to a different one, I no longer have any of the arcana items. I should have the emoticon, taunt, and the arcana item. Upon the last update to pudges arcana, I no longer have in my inventory the Arcana, the taunt, or the taunt "Shake Your Money Maker". I essentially have lost 3 items. I DO still have the emoticon though. I'm not sure what to do, and how to fix the issue.

    Items missing (That were purchased, and I no longer have since the update)
    1x Feast of Ab
    1x Feast of Ab taunt
    1x Shake Your Money Maker

    This is a REAL bug, please review my purchase history file attached, and then view my inventory. The items ARE NOT THERE.

    I'm having trouble with the image uploader... So I'll post the transaction number.

    Transaction ID: 1550802792436438273
    Purchased: Apr 4, 2018 @ 7:15pm
    Exalted Feast of Abscession Bundle - $34.99 |

    I can't find the transaction of Shake Your Money Maker taunt, but it's gone too. I've had it forever.

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    or - while you are logged into your steam account; you can click on the purchase and disclose what happened;

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