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Thread: How to make players in a team not share vision?

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    How to make players in a team not share vision?

    Question is in the title. Any way to make allied players not see each other's hero through the fog of war, or an alternative that acheives the same?

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    No. Unless you are on spectator mode you can't manipulate the fog of war.

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    redmoth unfortunately you'd need to circumvent allied player vision by created a unique team for each player. There is no current way of manipulating allied vision on a per-player basis. If you chose to go down the "each player has their own team" route, you will also run into issues of players being able to attack each other, and other things related to team differentiation. You can circumvent some of this with coding (such as intercepting the player's actions such as them attacking other players) but this is obviously not an ideal solution and difficult to implement effectively. An alternative includes sticking the camera to the player permanently but again, not ideal. The best we can hope for is that Valve gives us the ability to modify vision on a per player base at some point in the future. Meanwhile you'll have to deal with having allied vision, or attempt to work around multi-team stuff.

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