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Thread: Why I'm leaving Dota 2 for several years in dot points, aside from sheer principal

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    Why I'm leaving Dota 2 for several years in dot points, aside from sheer principal

    SPEECH - Hey all interested. I've been a fan of the game for a long time and now have grown very angry with the way things have turned out. Instead of just leaving I've decided
    to list the reasons I'm leaving in the hope it might be considered, as I hope to returned one day. Dota in many ways reminds me of sports like baseball, something fun for
    hardcore and casual players to universally enjoy, however much like pro sports the joys have become strained by corruption, disengaged player base and nihilism. Unlike physical
    sports these problems can be easily fought.

    AS FOLLOWS are dot pointers and SOLUTIONS where I hope to see improvement

    - Hackers and cheaters must be identified and punished, it has got so bad that I am actually followed by them, and they spite me with the things I say in previous matches, it is
    insanity and unacceptable.
    - Current rating system has been drowned by item farmers, cheaters and hackers of all kinds - afkers, hackers, group win traders -- This is already proving to tank your markets
    in cosmetics and even games themselves, choking out any hope of your own sales model...?
    SOLUTION: Song finding apps like Shazam offer a 3d algorithm to identify songs, and in the same way matches can be used to monitor skill levels and hackers easily by tracking
    easily find-able patterns of deviation. This would also be able to fairly rank the individual AS WELL as offer data about ways to make the game more fun and less solvable by an AI..
    that fact is just embarrassing folks.

    - Half of your existing market is divided between original dota and dota 2 due to the simple fact that they can't play it on older computers
    SOLUTION: create low tier 3d models and sprites. A no brainer, really. If starcraft and LoL can do it, you can do it. Dota's new art direction is pretty lame in my book anyway.

    - Game meta is absolutely broken, and promises since the beta have been buried
    SOLUTION: Jungler's and the jungle NEED an update. It's embarrassing. I was expecting this 1-2 years ago and now I feel the need to actually poke you. This game is not called
    'Invoker and friends'
    - Subbing in for dc'd players may not be on paper 'fair', except that it absolutely is, you just need to recalculate mmr distribution. That solution is more fair than wasting my time
    with bad game after bad game after cheater game. This is a fact of the game you have made, accept it or die.

    - Cosmetics have been bare minimum since launch and it's boring
    SOLUTION: Add back the original WC3 shopkeeps for cosmetic value while keeping the unified UI, it would look great. Put colour coding into the unified UI to indicate in essence
    'who sells what', but the single shopkeep sucks and is boring. This one is more my opinion, but face facts that this is a moba more definably called a 'meta rpg-rts', act like it.
    LoL is a 'moba'.

    - DPlus is a feature, not an enhancement. You track probability of events, not deviation of statistics and it's your own burden you create. Give me tabs on composition and DPlus.
    I'm not buying it again, you haven't earned it.

    - Complete lack of comprehensive reporting, I get reported more often on prejudice than the outcome of events, giving rise to the market of chinese workshops raising mmr in corrupt
    SOLUTION: You need to add reports for suspicious activity, commentary, and you need to have a larger tolerance for complaints. You can sit in an ivory tower all you like, and I'll be
    anti-mage.. You need to use complaints hand in hand with models of deviation to find who are good and bad players, and who are reporting honestly and dishonestly.

    CLOSING STATEMENT -- It's sad to see one of my favourite games burning, but it's just a game in the end, and the market is emerging with ones which will ruin the ones left behind.
    Dota, you are a billion dollar industry, act like one. I doubt you will even start moving until you feel the flames, so see you in a few years..

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    Please don't stop the music

    Your opinions do not add to a cause.

    The art style of dota 2 is unique and malleable to every game that the heroes encounter. Sorry you don't have any terrain skins, or what not to make your vanilla heroes look better.

    You can play a hero in so many different outfits, and mix and match them, it's brilliant. to say the least.

    DEFENSE OF THE ANCIENTS is what dota stands for... but clearly you didn't know this...

    There are 3 lanes...
    When your lanes are in order,
    you may jungle freely,
    or pull creeps to the jungle
    so as to stack nicely for when the carry can come around. .

    but it's not a good place to let your 1 vs 2 get battered EVEN UNDER THE TOWER?!!?
    Dota updates moved away from the jungle, because that's where cowards and hermits come from, go to, and stay.

    hackers? I've experienced none. I
    t's called a comeback.

    It's when a) you build a killstreak of say 6 and then the enemy team kill you,
    and come back at you after adding 1200 gold to their inventory.....
    AFTER killing you.
    That's what it's all about.
    It's a game where you are STRATEGIZING, Beating your enemy to a pulp, and killing their ancient. ..

    I feel that you are not adaptable. Or you can't gel well with situations that don't go the way you intended.

    You will probably sit at the fountain, AFK rambling at your team after your deaths..

    You clearly haven't looked at the steam market, or the previous treasures, which there are an uncountable number of, (4)

    The metas of this game, is what you make of it.
    Learn to play the game, DIFFERENTLY with the same hero, based on who you are against.
    Not the same way, game after game, hoping for a different result.
    You're proving retardation with the latter.

    Dota plus lets you see one thing in the death of yourself: how much magic damage vs how much physical damage, and with this information you can understand what you need to build to save your char.
    You clearly didn't even get silver tier for any heroes, or you would have enjoyed it far more, Levelling heroes you constantly play.

    6: Reports for commentary: Communication abuse;
    Reports for suspicious activity: Intentional Ability abuse.

    There are no flames to be felt. You're one in a million of us. but you need to be tolerant of others as well.
    You cannot be the one team mate calling your team noobs, when it's a team game. You're being noob with them by even calling them that.

    Give suggestions.

    Create a good practice, and good things will come from that.
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    Solutions to the accumulated problems in hard fork for new old project Dota Classic ) Now we see two Dota. The first is a dying solo Dota and the second professional with a closed community. And these are two different games.

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    Don't support what you don't like.

    I am leaving ranked after seeing that it's no fun too. Like it's the opposite of fun. Having a lot of fun in arcade Dota Imba and Turbo, that's where I feel those crazy moments. Ranked is just a game of who can stay concentrated the longest without dying of boredom lol.

    This game is very funny. Instead of supporting what the majority of players want it supports the top 5% who have a very set mindset of elitism and who have an entirely different perspective of the game. If you want to lose all the rest of your players then go for it lol and that's where it's headed.
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