There are only a few remaining heroes left without availability for workshop submission. With new heroes apparently being released more frequently, the list of available workshop heroes for submission grows. One of the few remaining heroes - Wisp - seems to be a difficult hero to create technical information for, seeing as it's mostly a bunch of particles. The Arcana circumvented this issue by simply giving Wisp a model (no extra particles, just modified version of its default particles, for the most part [except for its ultimate]). My question is whether Wisp will also ultimately end up receiving workshop availability in the same way other heroes have (ie. models only, no custom particles)? I think if one of the few heroes without a base model - Wisp - had particles as cosmetic options instead of just a model, it could provide a unique opportunity for workshop artists. But seeing as how Valve does all particles in-house (due to poor optimization of community-submitted particles in the past), this would be an issue.