It's been for ages that score displays kills for both teams, which actually doesn't show anything about the game, e.g. even if you have 100 kills lead but your throne is destroyed - you lose.
Well, this is also fully relevant to the gameplay, but I'd start the thread here, since it's more important for spectating.

I'd suggest to display score based on the buildings destruction, which reflects the actual state of the game.

My initial idea was something like this:

1 T1 tower destroyed - 1 point
1 T2 tower destroyed - 5 points
1 T3 tower destroyed - 50 points
1 racks destroyed - 20 points (this is a tricky case, since they mustn't be destroyed to win, but contribute towards the push)
1 T4 tower destroyed - 200 points
Throne destroyed - 1000 points

So destroying 3 T1 towers is 3 points, which is less than destroying 1 T2 tower(which actually moves you closer).
3 T2 towers is 15 points, which is less than destroying 1 T3 tower.
3 T3 towers is 150 points, which is less than destroying 1 T4 tower.
3 T3 towers + 6 racks are 270, which is more than killing 1 T4 tower, but less than 2, which is quite comparable.
And destroying the throne gives you more score than you can obtain from all the building.

This will actually better display what's going on on the map and can be extended with total gold / 1000.

But after some thinking I'd say the numbers could be rearranged for better display, e.g.
0-9 = T1s were destroyed
10-19 = T2s were destroyed
20-29 = T3s were destroyed
30-49 = Racks were destroyed
50-99 = T4s were destroyed
100 = Throne is destroyed

So you will have some well-defined ranges which show whose closer to the win, the score for destroy won't be the sum of the destroyed building, but some weighted sum. Reaching some total gold may also contribute to the score with some points, but this won't be more than the actual building destroying goals.

Probably something like this was already suggested previously, but while watching Epicenter I realized that kills means almost nothing in the game.