Dazzle has this chain foley sound following him around on every move he does. They make sense for the default items, since the staff has big metal rings jiggling around.

They also kind of make sense for the Graveheart Staff and the Staff of the Yuwipi, because they have moving metal parts too, although smaller.

But all other sets have absolutely no moving metal parts on them, but they still use the foley sounds as if they do. They are out of place here.

The Darkclaw Emissary Staff is the only one that doesn't use the foley sound, but all other weapons still do. They should not. Affected weapons are:

* Ancestral Medicine Stick
* Dazolator
* Great Pipe of the Father Spirits
* Pipe of Dezun
* The Acolyte Priest's Bonesaw
* Venom-Herb Caduceus