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Thread: Gift Error

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    Gift Error

    I am getting error when i want to gift battle pass to my family member.

    I have first make purchase

    1st time 15 Dec, 2016
    2nd time 3 Jun, 2017
    3rd time 9 May, 2018

    The Market is unavailable for the following reason(s):
    You have recently accepted a digital gift card from a friend.
    If nothing further occurs to restrict your access, you'll be able to use The Community Market on 5/11/2018, 8:49:57 PM.

    What i have to do please tell me where is problem ? as much as i know wrap gift item has nothing to do with market.
    there is no payment method at my account coz i don't have way from my country so i receive digital gift card from my friend.
    now i want to buy my family member battle pass. there is 2 battle pass in my inventory right now! cant gift one!

    Developer Please help my game id : 390382330
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    Can't gift

    Same problem can't gift battle pass ...

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