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Thread: WHEN!!!!!! Will this game finally allow me to choose heroes in a botmatch + console

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    WHEN!!!!!! Will this game finally allow me to choose heroes in a botmatch + console


    This game has been around for years, yet I can't simulate a captain's mode botmatch. I understand that the AI doesn't support all bots, but how hard is it to make it so that I can choose the heroes which are supported???
    The way it is now, I have to choose my hero and wait for the AI to automatically choose the enemies and allies, if I don't like it.. I can only restart the whole process again. Which is... BAD.

    I just played a very hard match against an enemy consisting of almost only carries, the chances of getting that kind of enemy lineup again are near impossible. It's this I wish to practice. This is the enemy I want to play against.. yet it's not possible.

    Console commands: invulnerability mode
    Every game, even the game from which dota originated, has a so-called god mode.
    However I personally wouldn't want a 1-hit kill + invulnerable mode combined, but 2 separate commands for each.

    and FFS what's up with these forumsettings, getting logged out after a few minutes.
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    you can make bots with captain mode enabled yourself.
    i have my own.
    there is a "draft bot" script that has been uploaded that gives you that ability (very basic script though)
    or EXP bots also has captains mode and are a very comprehensive script.

    setting the enemy bots is a bit harder, but can be done within all pick by using a hero_selection.lua that you can make.

    look into scripting, this is what this forum section is about.
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