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Thread: Attaching Particles to Weapons

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    Attaching Particles to Weapons

    Hello there,

    How do you create and add cp snapshots for weapons?

    Is it related to .vsnap files? If so, how do you create a .vsnap file?

    How do you know which snapshot control point number to assign?

    Many thanks for the response.

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    .vsnaps are created from the vertices of the model you are using for reference. You'll need a separate .fbx containing this group of vertices. For example, if you wanted particles attached to the edge of a blade model, you would take the vertices of the blade of the model (and delete the rest of the model) and create a new .fbx/.smd/.dmx out of that. The group of vertices don't need to be connected by edges or anything, they are simply used as reference points for position by the particle. Once you've imported your model, you will need to add a particle snapshot to it:

    Once you've provided the model with the snapshot reference, you can name the .vsnap appropriately:

    For creating CP snapshots for weapons, the particle requires a snapshot control point, as well as the .vsnap you created to go along with it, and an "init from control point snapshot" initializer which positions the particles accordingly. Other operators and initializers will also be required in order for the particles to move properly (ie. movement basic, position modify warp random [for fine-tuning the size/placement] etc.) with the weapon and such, but the initializer mentioned before is essential for it to be placed according to the snapshot.

    If you are creating this .vsnap snapshot for a weapon that already has ambient effects on it by default (such as Anti-Mage's weapons), you do not need to worry about the control point process. But if you are curious, you may want to check the asset browser and find the corresponding particle system that is attached to the weapon for the hero you are working with to see how the particle itself handles snapshot CPs and all that.

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    Thank you so much. <3

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    Quote Originally Posted by Toyoka View Post
    No problem!
    Also, don't forget the "Skin to Bones" on the snapshot property editor

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