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Thread: Picking Phase - Game Crash - accessviolation.mdmp

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    Question Picking Phase - Game Crash - accessviolation.mdmp


    I never have any issues playing DOTA normally and I've not changed my setup recently in anyway. However, when trying to play today I keep crashing when entering the picking phase after matchmaking. I tried a bot game and that appears to work without issues, then I went back to matchmaking ranked and the same thing, crash to desktop.

    What's really annoying here is I now have two abandons and I've been placed in low priority because of this issue. This isn't my fault, I've done nothing!
    Match IDs:

    Crash dumps link as I couldn't attach for some reason:

    Please help
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    Looks like this was a major issue for many people:

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    This also happens to custom games. Not just an issue known for normal/ranked matchmaking.

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