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Thread: Won a game with an available CAVERN CRAWL hero. But the CAVERN CRAWL is not updated

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    OK so my cavern reset all its heroes so I thought this will fix it... I tried venge and same issue: I won but still no update... match 3890610044.
    What is the expected fix date for this? There really is no point in trying to do quests if they don't count. Especially doing them 2-3 times...


    Ogre Magi game: 3890668799

    OK I expect that it won't just be a fix. I expect that all players that used a hero will have everything they won from it. Regardless if it's something different each time. I mean it's the least you can do...
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    Nyx Assassin. I just want this to be fixed so I can continue along that path. I have finished the Nyx when this path was available but now it's saying i haven't done it.

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    same here. won with weaver and the cavern crwal not updating.

    m,atch id: 3887606659

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    won with leshrac and got the rewards screen but no cavern crawl update

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    match id: 3890515567

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    I want report to U.S. government because Gaben scammed players.

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    I checked the Cavern Crawl again today. It was updated for my won game.
    I'm not sure if this's just a late updating due to system, or some supports. Btw, I haven't seen anyone like MODs replying here.... XD

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    Met the same problem in low priority match and ranked. Won this 3896625144 match playing Sand King and this 3898185022 as Abaddon, heared the cawern crawl sounds, like i completed the task, but the new room did not open, i did not get any rewards, although Sand King and Abaddon are opened to pass with heroes. Steam

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    Also missing BP points for cavern crawl

    same here, won a normal (non-ranked) match as cavern hero (Tide Hunter) on June 2nd, I can see it in my recent matches list, but I didn't get BP points (usual 350) for that.

    Match ID: 3927576709
    Steam ID: 365340928
    My nick: phill[cz]

    Please fix this Valve.


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