When I play Dota 2, I often find myself in high stress moments (like running away from a surprise gank, etc) using the space bar and "Hold Select Hero to follow" to lock the camera on my hero as I try to escape. I think I've gotten so used to this feature, that I find it uncomfortable playing heroes that require multi-tasking more than one unit. It's too much of a drastic change. One example is Lone Druid. As far as I can tell, with the available features in the settings menu, I am unable to lock the camera on the Spirit Bear when I want to micro the bear. So, I think there are two possible solutions to this situation:

1. If "Hold Select Hero to follow" is enabled, then this would ALSO APPLY to the control group keybinds as well. For example, if you have control group set on "F1" you could hold "F1" and the camera would lock on Spirit Bear and follow him.

2. Create a new feature below "Hold Select Hero to follow" called "Hold Control Groups to Follow".

Hope I explained that clearly. Thanks for your time