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Thread: Overthrow Bugs and Balance Changes

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    Overthrow Bugs and Balance Changes

    Background Info: I almost exclusively play Overthrow Desert Quintet in Dota. I would estimate that I have played a minimum of 1,500 matches but probably more.

    Overthrow has had some bugs present for around a year now that still have not been fixed. Many heroes also have out of place balance changes or need balance changes so that they can become more relevant.

    1. Pudge's passive ability Flesh Heap grants no strength.
    - I don't remember what the reduced numbers used to be but at some point it was set to 0 which has made Pudge significantly weaker.
    2. Sentries are full cost.
    - In Overthrow sentries are supposed to have a reduced cost of 50g per sentry. In the past sentries were purchasable for 100g per two sentries but a patch was released that made sentries individually purchasable instead of sets of two. Overthrow's sentry cost was never updated to reflect this change.
    3. If a team 1 Slardar or Bounty Hunter tracks someone on team 2, team 3 can see the track as well.
    - I am pretty sure this one occurs but the scenario is rare enough that I am not positive.
    4. Cloak and Dagger provides no damage multiplier in Overthrow.
    5. You can't disable help in Overthrow.
    - If you get a griefing Tiny on your team there is nothing you can do about it.

    Balance Changes:
    1. Bounty Hunter's invisibility nerf should be removed.
    - For whatever reason Bounty Hunter has a significantly gimped invisibility spell in Overthrow. This change is out of place seeing as other invisibility heroes like Weaver or Clink are left untouched.
    2. Riki's Blink Strike nerf should be removed.
    - The majority of heroes in Overthrow are left untouched but Riki's blink strike has a gimped range for some reason.
    3. Death Time Penalties should not apply until a team has at least 10 kills.
    - Whatever team is in first place has a death timer of 20s. This time is strangely long for a team that is only a few kills ahead of the other teams.
    4. Alchemist's Greevil's Greed passive should apply a gold multiplier to the gold coin drops.
    - Alchemist is a fairly bad Overthrow hero and this change might make him more relevant. I would also consider adding 2/3/4/5 gold per second to that passive as well.
    5. Clinkz's Ultimate should be changed
    - I don't have a specific recommendation for this ultimate but seeing as how creeps are almost non-existent in Overthrow this is basically a dead ability.
    6. Heroes with very long ultimate cooldowns should have their cooldowns reduced
    - In a game that only lasts 15 minutes if your ultimate has a 120s+ cooldown you will only be able to use it a couple times in the whole game.
    - Notable Heroes include:
    6a. Wraith King's Ultimate should be rescaled from 200/120/40 to 60/50/40
    - His ultimate at level 1 has a 200s cooldown this means that if you die early on your ultimate will be down for 22.2% of the game
    6b. Enigma's ultimate should go from 200/180/160 to 120/100/80
    - Even though Enigma has a strong ultimate it isn't strong enough to warrant picking Enigma in Overthrow.
    6c. Bat Rider: reduce ultimate cooldown to 50/40/30.
    6d. Omniknight's ultimate cooldown should be reduced to 120/100/80.
    - Due to the short duration of the matches I frequently feel that I need to save my ultimate and sometimes the time to use it never comes. Reducing the cooldown would make it feel more useable.
    - There are many other heroes that need buffs in overthrow.

    General Custom Game Improvements:
    1. Pause should be disabled in custom games by default.
    - Pausing should be an option that the host of a custom game can optionally enable.
    - Especially in Overthrow people frequently pause the second the game begins so that they can purchase items and prepare to walk to the circle. This usually leads to a chain of pauses that prevent the game from actually beginning ranging 15-45s.
    2. If a custom game has leaver penalties enabled you should receive profile experience and have the possibility to win cosmetic rewards.
    - If you treat leaving custom games like a normal Dota match you should treat finishing custom games like a normal Dota match as well.
    3. Leaving penalty is too long for some custom games.
    - If you leave a custom game you get blocked from matchmaking for 60 minutes. While this might make sense for some custom games it doesn't make sense in Overthrow. An overthrow match only lasts for a maximum of 15 minutes so being banned for a minimum of 4 matches because you left one match does not make sense.
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    Some more changes that I remembered after writing this post.


    1. Shop range should be extended to the range of healing aura. Being able to be healed but not buy an item feels wrong.
    2. Arcane rune should be added to the game.

    1. GPM Talents should all be multiplied by 5 so that they might actually be worth getting.

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    How was the gold-tick bug fixed? I have a fork of Overthrow and can't find the differences to fix it for myself.

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