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Thread: Need API to get cooldown range by ability's name

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    Need API to get cooldown range by ability's name

    I'm not asking for GetCooldownTimeRemaining, I'm asking for GetCooldownTime for every ability, so it's not cheat. For good decision making, Bot need good damage/control estimate, instead of 'RawPower'. To be honest the damage estimate can't be as good as human even with precise cooldown time because it varies under different condition(sf with eul/without eul, enigma with or without bkb, dp with/without creeps around, etc). But it's a step forward. Now because this 'no cheating on bots' rule I have to write my own code to track the cooldown of enemy hero. Problem is that I can't just build a database and store cooldown time of every skill in a table. Dota2 is updated on a regular basis and cooldown time of skills keep changing every meta.

    Also, knowing how bad lua bot it is right now and the development almost stop, I think it's time to reconsider the rule: if enable bots to get cooldown/handle of its enemy can lead to better bot, just do it, it's far from overpowered. Right now I can beat every insane bot in 15mins (destroy their base) and there is no improvement for months.

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    GetCooldown( ) : float

    Get the cooldown of this Abilty.

    GetCooldownTimeRemaining( ) : float

    Get the cooldown time remaning for this Ability.

    So you need the front function 'GetCooldown' , the initial CD of every ability ?

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