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Thread: Pls unban, banned for no reason

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    That;s a lie - it's because you're not a subscriber on dotabuff - 1637 commends - 0 reports : Ranked F -

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    Nobody know's why your acc get banned, volvo not reply on things like this. We can only assume, nothing more.

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    Valve actually responds and unbans people when someone here has time or something else, that I know for certain.
    I just find it ridiculous that they ban people for 6 months, 1 year and so. I mean that these bans are too long so people that played dota will drop it.

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    New season! Please unban! Still waiting...

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    No1cares, feelsbadman

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    All right, thanks for not unbanning me, goodbye dota. Unban is not needed, don't care anymore. Have a good summer everyone.

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