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Thread: Pls unban, banned for no reason

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    Red face Pls unban, banned for no reason

    Hello, last time I played dota 7 January 2018, reinstalled dota just now (22 May) and for some reason I have ban until 25 October 2018 for no reason, I didn't play dota at all until that day and I didn't have ban 7 Jan 2018. Could you remove it please?

    Technical support answer:
    A pattern of behavior was observed on the account that was detrimental to the Dota 2 community. Examples include:
    - A consistent pattern of user reports, negative conduct, and behavior
    - Deliberate actions to artificially boost MMR of an account
    - Buying, selling, or trading accounts
    - Creating an unfair competitive advantage through third-party programs

    I played only turbo games and LP games for the last 100 or so games.
    1) Currently I have 3 reports and 12 commends at the account, I usually don't use chat at all, instead use chat wheel.
    2) I have sub 1k mmr, sure no boost.
    3) Have my acc for a long time
    4) Didn't use any third-party programs

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    same problem dude i got banned just like that and because of some shit system

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    I don't think that system is that bad, some of the bad guys are out, but unfortunately we got into the crossfire.

    Mr. good administrator I know that you are extremely busy but please find a minute to unban me or write something here regarding this unfortunate accident, ty.

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    You are abusing the Battle Pass - likely using bots to play with you. You won't get unbanned.

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    Really? Check this pls, they have got unbanned even if they were abusing
    I don't know how Valve chooses whom to unban and whom to not

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    I don't see anyone getting unbanned there? If someone says so, they lie unless they have screenshots documenting it.

    Why are you whining though? You know you cheated for Battle Pass levels using Turbo Mode.

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    That is a nice typical answer nowadays I presume, the problem is that you didn't read my message and didn't check my games even there is a link.

    I'll repeat, last time I played was 7 January 2018 and I didn't have ban at that moment, I didn't have battle pass at that moment either, I don't even remember that there was one available.
    And if you check my games you will see that there are only turbo games and low priority games, all with random people, that's it.

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    Unfortunately no response
    Anyone knows if there is another place where you can solve this problem?

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    Still no unban, no message, hello, anyone?

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    Never mind, game is dead as well as developers' activity and communication. People are asking for unban - no answer, people are asking to turn off this battle cup party matchmaking - no answer.

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