Currently in South East Asia division it combines Australia and SEA.
This means if a party member has 200 ping (SEA) and 60 ping (AUS) while the rest has 10-60 ping (SEA) and 150 ping (AUS), queuing automatically select australia for battlecup.
Recently there has been a problem with undersea cable between singapore and australia, thus i have 200 ping in SEA instead of my usual 60 ping.
I would like a manual region selection to queue SEA instead of automatic server pick as Australia as it is frustrating for me. This could be as simple as selecting the region at top right of battlecup menu. developers do not need to create separate australian division.

I honestly do not mind playing with 200 ping in SEA as it is actually quite smooth for me. This is different to my party members 150 ping in australia, where they would often complain it is unplayable / laggy.
we want to queue in SEA, but because of my 200 ping in SEA it force us to play in australian server region, which i think is unfair.
some of us stopped playing because we cant battlecup together anymore.

I hope developers can fix this issue urgently as we probably would stop playing dota by next year if you keep neglecting issues like this, and i would be disappointed too as a paying customer (dota plus).
kind regards