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Thread: M.S Masters in Psychology detailed break down of behavior score 230games, 23 conductS

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    M.S Masters in Psychology detailed break down of behavior score 230games, 23 conductS

    DISCLAIMER: I don't expect front page from this seeing as it is impossible to break an agenda, but there will be no bias for those willing to be rational on critique through detailed evident proof.

    23 conduct scores, 230 games:

    People seem to be anti smurf but I don't see a reason to put in effort and grind back up a low behavior score account when you can have a fresh 6000 behavior score account in less than 5 minutes. I spent 230 games trying to raise my behavior score from 2681 and the highest I peaked was 6279 only to have it drop by 1600 in less than 15 games WHEN I WAS MUTED!! Yes, both times when I dropped the hardest I was 24 hour muted, from 2666-774 and 6279-4447 (match IDs for evidence).

    What I learned was that you can't disagree (politely) for a brief minute if you don't want to drop behavior score while unmuted, and if you are muted while in low behavior score, you are f*cked. This also applies to muting all incoming chat as I took that approach a few times. I will admit that I can be a piece of sh*t, but as much as people like to hold on to the past, I put in serious effort to not be an ass (successfully) and still ended up on the short end of the stick. I have an 8.8k behavior score account for the record and I hold a M.S Masters in Psych from the University of Toronto, so it's not like I don't have any background on the matter...

    Based on my education I summarize the entire matter on what many well known psychologists/scholars all agree on: Your permanent behavioral psychology (fight or flight) is set in stone by age of 19. That means if you were raised to avoid confrontation or you just generally have a low testosterone count, you will hold a high behavior score. If you were raised to stand up for what you believe in and defend yourself when provoked, you will have a low behavior score (or if you are just a POS). With my failure to raise my behavior score this only proves the truth to this. Sure, people will do a two picture raised comparison and probably have someone else play the games for them in between, but mine was a genuine bit-by-bit evident effort that showed that the system ISN'T working as intended, because it takes 5 minutes for a toxic POS to have 6000 behavior score (which does play games with 10,000 behavior score players, tested and proven for myself in this EG.FLY game ).

    People who say it shouldn't be as easy to raise behavior score as it is to lose it, are completely ignoring the fact that you can make a new account and INSTANTLY have a good behavior score. By agreeing with the prior statement, you are essentially an advocate for smurfing, which also seems to be a bad thing well agreed to on this board. I also find people at 10,000 behavior score to be toxic POS that feed up lanes, afk on riki or steal roles without rolling. The reality is that every single person that plays dota2 is actually a toxic POS and the game attracts toxic people who make judgement calls being toxic POS.

    I'm all down for penalizing afks, tiny tossers, roll snatchers, etc, but I dropped to 700 behavior score and not once did I take a role, afk, or just blatantly be toxic for no reason whatsoever like the many games I see it in. Its like putting the guy in jail who stole food because he was starving with the dude who killed 30 people and ate them all alive. As much as I would completely overhaul the report system so that it scales properly based on the "crime", the only real problem is the fact you can make a smurf and avoid all of this in less than 5 minutes.

    I am a natural born leader and many people who know me agree that I am a benefit to dota games. I've had a bad """PAST""", but pub outbursts or general toxicity is NOW rare on my behalf. I usually rack in several commend and win a large majority of my games as a result. I also tank the most while muted which directly correlates to losing (or *tinfoil hat* a forced lower win percentage when muted/low behav score").

    When I am not muted:

    When I am muted:


    Let me give you two dissected examples of a typical game I get reported in (good and bad)

    Example 1 (GOOD): 12-7 Meepo

    This game was very frustrating to play. I knew my teammates were in a party so I have to be extra careful not to accumulate reports as parties are almost immune to any sort of punishment themselves (explained at end). I was doing well all game communicating rarely through text chat. The game went downhill when I asked for the team to roshan but they never came till AFTER the enemies 5 man dove the pit. I questioned why it took so long (politely by text) and they said they never saw it in chat (which was typed several times prior to me entering). I entered by blink because I can solo it myself but wanted it done faster as a 5 man unit under smoke. I turned on my mic and asked if this would help for communication, in which they agreed.

    Sadly the game was now well beyond my control and we were heading down a bad road. Their personalities started to flip becoming bipolar and pinning the downfall on me where I simply ignored them. It eventually came down to a fight bottom where I wanted to ambush the fragmented enemy from behind the shrine (from a previous fight), and my team flat out watched and said they would watch if I tried that.

    They did exactly that (other than Mars) to which I got angry on mic questioning why they intentionally watched, and my death resulted in the game ending shortly after. At the end of the game in lobby chat they stated they would disband party before reporting me, so the punishment would be more severe, to which I got 24 hour muted the second game after (this is normally how it works).


    Why party que is a problem

    People will argue "but it takes many reports to wind up in that position", to which having only 1 party report instead of 3 wouldn't have resulted in my mute and I perhaps could have avoided further reports thus not being muted. Games like these happen very frequently and usually end up being the bulk of my reports. I myself always have 3 reports and usually keep them for these situations, but they don't come back because people in party que have less odds of being reported by teammates compared to a solo que individual who falls to any sort of pub hive-mind scapegoating.


    Example 2 (BAD): 4-10 Vengeful Spirit:

    One of the worst games I've ever had. I marked middle but it was stolen without roll instantly (I always abide by roll and give it up if lost but in this case the person auto selected their hero and marked it). A teammate suggested veng carry. Considering it was unranked I thought it was a unique suggestion and went with it. Sadly I was left to the dogs all game and had a rough lane followed by constant ganks on me in an unwarded jungle from other lanes that crushed (we lost all 3 lanes). Not going a fast force staff was a mistake on my behalf but it was unranked so I didn't think much of it. Eventually everyone was starting to pin the blame on the failed carry even though pudge rarely hooked in situations where he could have saved me. I wasn't muted but ignored them the entire game but they all collectively agreed to report me.


    Bonus Example: 8-2 Wraith King

    This game I had my lane stolen and insta locked by pudge. I was muted and pretty mad at the time and shouldn't have been playing, so I figured WK jungle was a good fit for this game. Spectres lane worked out so the greedy jungle pick was warranted and successful from rotations along with an 18 min midas and radiance. Pudge proceeded to go 0-4 by 6 minutes middle and eventually we lost the game where he was 5-12. He indicated he reported me.


    tl;dr Smurfs shouldn't have 6000 behavior score when it takes 5 minutes to make an account. Raising behavior score should be easier if actual effort is being put forth. Report system needs a re-haul to be genuinely fair rather than generalizing offenses and letting toxic people make judgement calls by popular vote/hive-mind.

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    I also want to post this reply and my rebuttal as it leaves them speechless and shows how they goalpost move and completely dodge what I address:

    It is fucking ez to have a 9k behavior score, 10 k if you never get dcíd cause of WiFi problems. Just donít be that toxic. I have 9k rn and i flame in like a third of my games. Idk how u have such a low behavior score, but itís not cause u have strong opinions. My personal recommendation is to go to a therapist and discuss your problems, because this is definitly not just a in dota problem. Gl I hope u get better soon.

    I have 8800 behavior score. I know very well it is easy to maintain a high behavior score and you can get away with more being up there. That is not the point of this thread. The point is to point out how difficult is is to gain from having low behavior score. Could you also share your dotabuff for me because I will point out some things attributing to your high behavior score that makes it indistinguishable from a low behavior score account.

    I will also voluntarily allow you to play on a low behavior score account and prove to me you can raise it to 10k. I know it isnt rationally possible even for good people therefor here is an opportunity to prove me wrong.

    Also do not compare dota behavior with in person, you wouldn't compare to my polite and morally righteous nature...

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    Another comment worth highlighting:

    Reply: Itís ridiculous that u can have mike 4x the commends as reports and you lose behavior score... I play techies and Iíve had like 20+ commends and like 5 reports from enemies and lost behavior score.

    Response(me): Exactly the problem. Reports have too high an impact compared to commends so maintaining and climbing (especially at a low behavior score where reports fly out) is near impossible.

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