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Thread: Toby is not blameless!

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    Toby is not blameless!

    I would like to appeal to the Dota 2 back-to-back community. Why did you begin to hate a person who essentially did nothing wrong. What kind of denunciation process have you started? You think this is good? I am from Russia and this is familiar to me from the history of my country. There was a period when, just as Toby (even without a sexual fact) was accused And you know, maybe they didnít even plant, but they planted believe me at that time a lot, but the person lost all his work, family, home. Times have changed, but methods have remained and even such a rotten method that existed in the Soviet Union has taken root in your capitalist system. You know, we go further, and you just took a big step back. How can a person be deprived of work on charges without trial and investigation and how can one side with a person with low social responsibility. I am reading your comments on this situation and cannot believe it. So all that he has done all his work overlaps with the accusation of a creature with low social responsibility. And his colleagues did not even support him and showed their rat face. This whole situation is not in Tobyís opinion, but in what has become your menstream. My favorite actors lose roles in movies and TV shows only on the remaining charges. I appeal to those creatures that do not support Toby: cut off your eggs and give to your girlfriend or wife. You do not know how to use them.
    PS Sorry for the English translator did through Google
    PS 2 I hope everything is constructive

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    cut off the eggs! Pleaes let me out of the region lock

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