I logged to Dota today and i have Legend[3] rank. I was Ancient[0]. Fine i read in meantime that there were some global action with mmr if someone used the team token.
Fine, but dear Valve, i have all tokens i had, i played probably 3 games when friend used the token BUT, i had this Ancient[0] rank BEFORE battlepass arrived.
I understand you want to fix something cause those tokens destroyed game a little bit, but why as a player who made an Ancient by his own now is a legend?
I don't want to make this road to ancient again because it's a lot of time. If you don't want to help me with this ISSUE, just give me all the money i used on steam back and delete my account please because it will mean i don't trust your company anymore.
I'm constantly buying your battlepasses, i bought dota plus subscription for a year, and you are taking my ranking i made by my own.

This is my steam ID:

I am sending the same message to steam support because i am not even sure if someone from dev team will read this.