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Thread: Update Ability Draft

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    Lightbulb Update Ability Draft

    In AD you can add almost all heroes, I don't know why some heroes with normal skill not added

    So please add this skills(or explain why is not available)

    - Beastmaster, IO, Lone Druid, Techies(all skills)
    - Morphling(Waveform)
    - Tusk(Walrus Kick with Aghanim's Scepter)
    - Monkey King(Boundless Strike, Tree Dance and Wukong's Command)(Jingu Mastery will be very imba)
    - Puck(Illusory Orb)
    - Rubick(Telekinesis, Fade Bolt, Null Field)(Spell Steal may also added)
    - Lifestealer(Infest)
    - Shadow Fiend(Necromastery, Presence of the Dark Lord)
    - Meepo(Earthbind, Geostrike)
    - Shadow Demon(Shadow Poison)

    And also models of this heroes

    This will add interest and great opportunities in creating new bundles

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    There are already threads about this.

    Regular spells which require 2 ability slots are all disabled, which is intended for now (mainly due to hotkey issues). This includes Ilusory Orb, Shadow Poison and Tree Dance.

    Ulties with 2 sub-spells are disabled (spell steal)

    Spells which switch between melee/ranged form are disabled (True Form, Elder Dragon Form, Berserker's Call)

    Spells which rely too much on other spells are disabled (Eclipse, Requiem, Lone Druid spells, Wisp spells, Astral Spirit, Nimbus)

    Meepo spells are considered too weak, since they are designed to work with a hero who can cast them 2-5x in a row.

    Infest is disabled because you don't get Control, and the devs consider the spell too weak without the sub-spell.

    These are the official reasons given.

    Walrus Kick: Would be innate to Tusk, if enabled. Strangely, Eyes in the Forest and Burrow are enabled for Treant/Nyx. Eyes loses half its power without Overgrowth, and Burrow is pretty much useless without Impale/Mana Burn/Spiked Carapace. Walrus Kick is the only spell which is completely independent from other spells, but is the one disabled.

    Beastmaster is the only hero disabled for no reason at all. He has 4 spells without any sub-spells, and all of them are independent from each other.

    Abilities which could be added:

    1. Telekinesis
    2. Fade Bolt
    3. Null Field
    4. Boundless Strike
    5. Jingu Mastery
    6. Wukong's Command
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