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Thread: Co-op bot matches nearly impossible to find

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    Angry Co-op bot matches nearly impossible to find

    Its been years, and it seems like the only updates bots get just make it even harder to find co-op games. Co-op bot matches need an option to queue for multiple difficulties and multiple scripts at the same time, there are way too many options that have caused the community to fragment and now it can take a whole hour to even queue into a co-op bot match. Co-op bots are functionally broken, we can't play these cool user-made bot scripts if we can't even find teams.

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    I play only Default Bots because it is impossible to find a match with other bot scripts, which is a shame. It would be much nicer if, as Staples suggested, we could select multiple from the permissible bot scripts (for example, check all but Pub Simulator) and play whichever bot script gets a party first.
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