I had an interesting game earlier today where there was a coach who was in the game on the enemy team and his name was something like Kenny 1080p, and his name was green text colored. Anyways the game was going pretty even on both sides until right before the enemy team was about to end the game in our base, out of no where everyone started talking trash on me and this one guy said something along the lines of "do you want me to DC him?" repeatedly. I thought this was strange and thought nothing of it until the game ended and I was about to Que for a new game and I see Do you want to abandon this game? this lingered around for about 3 minutes, i restarted steam and it was still there but eventually it diminished. It seemed like who ever it was came through on their word with some sort of blatant moderator exploitation and they attempted to try and trap me in LP games. I never encountered a bug/hack like this before so it was ether a complete consequence or some sort of miracle. Please help me figure out what happened during this i would greatly appreciate it! Here is the Match ID: 3938903336