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Thread: Please Return "solo queue"

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    Please Return "solo queue"

    It is not possible to set up a team selection now. I am a solo player and want to play any games with the same solo players. When in team solo players game much more comfortable. More games 85%+ I get to groups of players of different levels and the game becomes a piece of shit. I have turned off the chat and all communication in the game so I'm not going to return the settings to their to hear. When I get to the groups in the game, the complexity of the game increases, because my opponents use communication such as skype and collusion. That is a clear imbalance and does not meet the principle of equality. I don't want to talk to my team because I'm playing solo. It is very difficult and unpleasant, toxic to play against the group with communications. This leads to a premature exit from the game due to complete disagreement with the actions of the group. I'm not going to develop a professional career, but I'm interested in playing when all solo players are in the game. If my team doesn't like my style, they can conspire to put reports that will send me to lp. Return the setting to normal for solo play. I want to have a choice. I like many people do not want to play with groups for this there are other game modes, such as capitans mode, and other players who do not care where they get always complement the group.
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