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Thread: Immortal Treasure I & II 2018

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    Immortal Treasure I & II 2018


    I was not able to find any public information about the odds for this year's immortal chests. The official announcement for Chinese players last year stated the odds were as follows:

    Rare: 1/4 chance when 10 treasures have been opened.

    Very rare: 1/7 chance when 10 treasures have been opened.

    Extremely Rare: 1/30 when 15 treasures been opened.

    And now my actual concern & the reason for this thread: I've opened 84 chests of both Treasure 1 and Treasure 2 (BP level 2092) and I only received 1 single ultra rare.

    I remember last year there was an issue with the distribution of the Sven ultra rare where a lot of people didn't get it when they should have and these were then rolled out retroactively after a fix was deployed (reddit link here). Curious whether something similar happened again this year?

    I've obviously not bought 2000 levels only for the ultra rares, but it's rather frustrating when people with BP level 500-600 have the same number or more ultra rares than level 2000. Something doesn't feel right.

    I might simply be unlucky but a confirmation on this would be very much appreciated.

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    So far I believe we're incredibly unlucky. I'm level 2150 (as of now), I've opened 106* Immortal Treasure I's and so far no PA Ultra Rare.
    I got the OD Ultra Rare on my 30th or so chest, then after that only the very rares and rares, so far accumulating 71 treasure II's.
    I've got like 10 golden immortals of each chest, and many more rares, but the Ultra Rare chance seems excessively low, and Escalating Odds do not seem to be helping, making me think its either capped or really irrelevant.

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    I agree with you, while I don't expect this to be ever look into, it's pretty frustrating to having opened a shitton of treasures, to not have my most favorite immortal so far (PA is definitely on my top 3).. i'm not even motivated to go get it on the market..

    I remember last year (I didn't get the Sven one on the reroll but I got it shorly after). Are we really that unlucky or are escalating odds not being applied properly?

    EDIT: After opening all the chests from Immortal Treasure III, I got some levels. I got two WD and another OD one, and had not received the PA until I bought some 25 levels and finally got it on a chest given by the benefactor one. I believe it was around 120 chets final for one PA immortal.
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    I dont know if this battle pass is shit or is it bugged for me but I am level 600 on battle pass and have not recieved a single ultra rare in any of the treasures and moreover treasure III dint even give a single rare after opening 30+ treasures the escalating odds are bugged..
    please fix this and give us our rares and ultra rares as backpayment...
    this kind of stufff makes me very angry and makes me think if i should waste my money on valve ever again

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