Greetings. I've been watching for recent IO patches and I'm very dissapointed.

Let me show you how it was and how it is now.
(Numbers don't bother me - they look fair)

Full control of spirites range - you can get em close to you - you can get them far and even on attack-range radius (this was very useful in some cases)
2 positions - near you and more than attack radius with HUGE delay for switching

resummon spirits - explode your active spirits.
Not able to ressumon spirits while at least 1 is active. (No more Spirits explosion relocates)

Relocate with delay
- CHANNELING... No way to save your team from focus. You can't relocate(activate and then tether)
Now you are standing stilllllllllll and waiting 2.7 seconds.... Your friends could just use TP! And 2 seconds on the last level.
Is that fair? No it is not.

Why not making Underlord channel his ulti for 6 seconds??

What I want:
1. No cooldown spirits movement
2. Ressumon spirits.
3. Make channeling at least two times faster or just revert changes in relocate ability.