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Thread: [7.18] Orb of Venom's debuff doesn't update on refresh

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    [7.18] Orb of Venom's debuff doesn't update on refresh

    When refreshing the Orb of Venom debuff on an enemy, its slow and damage values don't update based on the refreshing unit's attack type.

    1. Pick Troll Warlord, level up Berserker's Rage and get Orb of Venom
    2. Switch to melee mode
    3. Place the OoV debuff on an enemy
    4. Switch back to ranged mode
    5. Refresh the debuff while ranged

    Result: The debuff keeps its melee values. It never updates when refreshed.

    Expected: On attack, check for the attacking unit's attack type (melee/ranged) and update the slow/dps based on that.

    Note: Copy the behavior from Eye of Skadi. The item should check for the attack type as the attack gets executed (for ranged heroes, this is on projectile launch, NOT on impact), because if you make it check upon landing an attack, or upon debuff refresh, it still would be abusable with Troll Warlord, who could switch to melee before his attack projectile hits the target, which would make the attack use the melee values. From all the attack modifiers, Eye of Skadi is the only one which does it correctly. All others do it wrong (Bfury, Echo Sabre, Vladmir's Offering and Diffusal Blade)

    Sange/SnY/Heaven's Halberd are not working properly either. They update their debuff immediately when the debuff source switches attack types, instead of only updating when refreshed

    PS: This is an old bug, but now that its damage varies as well, it's more relevant now.

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