This is how charge-based spells are currently displayed in the game

A simple permanent status buff with a number on it. There are several reasons why this isn't good, listed in the spoiler below.


The use of a permanent status buff is inconvenient for the player for multipler reasons

1. The status bar is normally meant for status effects like disables, or for spells with ongoing effects like Rearm or Teleportation. Recharge timers kind of don't qualify as such buffs and seem out of place here.

2. They fill up the status bar with permanent icons, which can sometiems be confusing when you have many buffs active. For example, when you use Fire Remnants, you can have up to 4 times the Fire Remnant icon in your status bar, like seen here


Ember Spirit with 4 Fire Remnant buffs. 3 for each placed remnant, 1 from Activate Fire Remnant, 1 for the charge counter. And he also has a 2nd charge counter for Sleight of Fist

3. The green/red ring shrinking around status buff icons indicate their expiration, which is unfitting for a recharge timer. For recharge timers, it would make more sense if a bar would fill up.

4. The status buffs reveal information to the enemy which is otherwise hidden. It reveals whether you have charges or not, and when your next charge will be available. Here you can see how an enemy Mirana has no Leap charges left, which may be a deciding factor whether to gank her or not


Charge counter buff revealing the recharge time and current available charges to the enemy

The use of a permanent status buff results in unwanted behaviors/bugs

1. Since they technically are regular buffs, they behave as such as well, which causes issues on heroes who can temporarily gain charge-based spells (Rubick with Spell Steal and Morphling with Morph).

2. Every spell's charge counter buff needs manual updating whenever something gets changed. For example, the newest charge-based spells (Disruption and Waveform) have no descriptions at all because they got forgotten.

Rework suggestion

Add a bar to the side of abilities which use charges. Here's an example

Full charges
Out of charges, recharging

1. No more permanent status buff for the charges
2. Green bar, separated into chunks based on how many charges the spell can have. Or maybe without the chunks and make it one bar which starts filling whenever a charge starts recharging.
3. Using a charge empties one chunk and it starts refilling.
4. A number at the top shows how many charges are currently available.
5. A number at the bottom shows the current recharge time of the recharging charge. When all charges are ready, the number shows the default recharge time instead (considering cd reductions).
6. When having no charges left, the ability icon turns inactive. Attempting to cast it gives a generic "No charges left" error mesage